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FI/RE Family August Expense Report

Another month has come and gone, and now it’s time for me to share the damage we have done to our checking account over the month of August.

Rent: $2,355 (+$107): Our current cost for rent edged up slightly due to us renewing our lease in our current apartment. While this increase will definitely be felt, we will have to scour our budget to find any excess fat we can trim to eat into this increase.

Mortgage: $1,579 (+406): It’s the time of year again for us to pay our homeowner’s association dues on our rental property, which led to the increase in this category. Talk about fees that sneak up on you, the neighborhood our home resides in has increased this fee about $200 over the past three years. If this trend continues, this fee will eclipse the cost of our mortgage. 😊

Childcare: $1,255 (+255): With our third child starting daycare, we are paying for child supervision for our entire clan now. While we are excited that school has resumed, our checking account is letting out a nice groan now that these payments will start to ratchet up. Even though this category represents about 20% of our expenses, we are quite fortunate to have care for everyone, as DC and the nation are dealing with crippling shortages or licensed providers. An area non-profit found that in 2015, there were roughly 7,610 slots at licensed care providers for 22,000 children under the age of 3 in D.C.

Food: $353 (+$60): Our food budget increased slightly for this month due to the fact that we had our kids at home for most of the month. We flew grandma in on airline points due to the wife and I being out-of-town on multiple business trips. Usually before we leave, we stock up on groceries since we know our growing kids will be at home for most of the day and destroy food in the cabinets and refrigerator. To ease the burden on our generous caregiver, we ensure there is plenty of food to be had.

Misc: $108 (-$46): This category represents all the trips to Wal-Mart, Target, Dollar Tree, etc. that our family makes where we purchase everything from toothpaste to deodorant to nail polish. Rather than going line by line on the receipt to see what goes where, I usually just lump these trips into my Misc. or general merchandise category.

Electricity: $95 (-$13): Down a little from the previous month, but still higher than I would like. The good news is that the more temperate weather this month means we finally put the A/C to rest which should impact our bill quite nicely. Hopefully enough to chip away at the rent increase.

Cable: $86 (+0): No change here

Insurance: $-202 (-$138): This month we received our rebate check back from USAA after switching to GEICO the previous month. Again, if it has been a significant period of time since you have investigated switching auto insurance carriers, it may be time to engage in that process. Auto insurance creep is no joke.

Car Gas: $75 (+$26): Unfortunately I was unable to score reduced gas prices, as I did last month, so our bill for gasoline was a bit higher this month. Additionally, several trips to the airport to pick up and send off grandma added a few more miles to the old Chrysler as well.

Baby Misc: $56 (+$13): Last minute school supplies bumped this category a little higher this month. Baby formula continues to be a significant portion of this bill, however, we are starting our youngest on solid food that be boil and blend at home, in addition to her being at daycare for most of the day now. These factors should allow this cost to come tumbling down.

Cell Phone: $26 (+0): No change. Republic Wireless continues to be good for us.

Water: $27 (+$5): Considering we had grandma living with us for about 3 weeks this month, a five dollar increase isn’t too bad. This cost should come back down this upcoming month.

Restaurants: $7 (-$6): Only one trip to McDonald’s this month so our restaurant bill was halved accordingly.

Categories without any spending this month:

Clothing: $0: The majority of the school shopping was done last month, and another beautiful thing about being in the Army is that I know what I will be wearing everyday for work. 😊

Auto Misc: $0: Fortunately, both of our cars are running nice and smooth. I anticipate an oil change for one of our cars next month so this category will forfeit its temporary reprieve.

Electronics: $0: I was able to suppress the tech junkie within me this month, but the battle is continuous and the likelihood this category will remain with a goose egg is highly unlikely.

Overall the month of August was spendier than last month at $5,820 (+$462), although most of the overrun was due to one-time expenses. Stay tuned for the fun that September will bring.

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