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Burning a Path to Financial Freedom: Meet the FI/RE Family

The spark for this site was struck many years ago, long before the Financial Independence Retiring Early (FIRE) movement had been defined by the pioneers of this topic to include Mister Money Mustache and his contemporaries. Mrs. Fire and I are a dual military couple living in the Washington DC area, with 3 “active” children.

Both Mrs. Fire and I grew up in middle class families, with younger siblings, and parents who are still married to this day.  We both had to work for everything we received, needless to say, no trust funds or large inheritances here.  While Mrs. Fire grew up in one location her whole life, I on the other hand, grew up as a “military brat” with my father’s career taking us from Germany to Hawaii and everywhere between roughly every 4 years.

After spending a perceived eternity in undergraduate and graduate schools, in 2008, we began our journey to financial freedom as we were finally released into a world and labor market only 6 months before the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Fortunately, our financial philosophy, forged during our lean income years throughout schooling, and our fierce independence, ingrained in us during our upbringing, has allowed us to fully fund our TSPs and Roth IRAs annually, maintain regular contributions to our children’s 529 education plans, and put any money left over into a taxable investment account.

With this being said, both Mrs. Fire and I welcome you to our site, and look forward to sharing our story, and learning from yours, in an effort to contribute to this growing movement.

What will you find on our blog?

So, what will you see on this blog? While we do not believe in all-encompassing financial austerity, we are strong believers in being extremely selective and mindful about the purchases we make. From this perspective, our blog will:

  • Describe how our family of 5, in one of the highest cost of living areas in the world, allocates our money to efficiently handle monthly obligations through analysis of our budget and spending.
  • Utilize lessons learned on our path to financial independence to help others who might find themselves in similar situations, through thoughtful analysis of past experiences
  • For our military brothers and sisters in arms, highlight the advantages afforded to us for serving this great nation, in addition to furnishing tips on dealing with some of the hardships that are inherent in military service
  • Illuminate personal finance stories, blogs, and current events
  • Supply informative technology and movie reviews when the urge strikes to spend some of that hard-earned money
  • Provide travel hacks and ideas

Additionally, since Mrs. Fire and I value each others inputs on the handling of our families finances, we feel its important that we capture her unique voice on where we have been and where we are heading in our journey to financial freedom through blog posts that highlight her perspective.

So, join us on our journey as we burn a path to financial freedom in the face of the many financial challenges and temptations of today.

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